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Walter Family circa 1930's

Fundatia Tarbut Sighet Culture si Educatia Iudaica was Established in 2014 following the 70th Anniversary to the Jewish May 1944 deportations. A yearly Gathering for Sighet – Maramorish Region descendants from all over the world, took place in 2014 and 2015, providing a commemoration and celebration event.
 Foundation Tarbut Sighet, has been established by Peninah Zilberman the daughter of the late Sary Walter of blessed memory in memory of the Walter family who lived in Sighet and the Maramorish region for close to 200 years until the 1944 deportations to Auschwitz where most of the family was murdered, with very few survivors among them my mother who marched the Death Marches. Sary and Tamar Walter were liberated in Bergen Belsen subsequently rehabilitated for 3 years in Sweden. In May 1948 both arrived to Israel.



The Son of Moshe Ari Walter

5th of Shevat 5682( February 3rd , 1922)

N- Faithful and honest all his years of life

H -   Justice and charity actions

M – Supports his family from his working hands

N – Compensated by the Almighty 

May his Soul be Bound in the Eternal Life

כתובת מצבת  נחמן ואלטר בבית – הקברות בסיגט



בן משה ארי ואלטר

ה' שבט תרפ"ב

נ -אמן וישר בכל ימי שנותיו

ח -סד משפט וצדקה בכל מעשיו

מ -גיעת כפיו ועמלו מפרנס ביתו

נ -וכח פני שדי שכר רב לפעולתו