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In 2015 Fundatia Tarbut Sighet has been granted and recognized for its special mission in Sighet, with a small grant and the opportunity to attend the “Capacity Building Seminar”. This seminar provides the foundations and organzations sponsored with training how to run a NGO.

 The first training session took place in February 2016 in Vienna –Austria, where we met many other individuals who “dream” of bringing culture and Judaic knowledge to the cities of “Once Upon Jewish Centers”.

 The Westbury Group

is a network of more than 20 international foundations with a shared interest in enhancing Jewish life in Europe. The Westbury Group brings together foundation professionals, the philanthropic elite, opinion shapers and policy makers from across the Jewish world, to provide unrivalled insight into the real-time issues facing European Jewish communities.

Over the past decade, the Westbury Group has explored in depth the challenges affecting Jewish communities in Europe today. Through the individual grant-making and operating experience of its members, as well as the ongoing professional exchange of information and philanthropic collaborations, the Westbury Group has devoted significant efforts to learning about and pioneering methods for strengthening and invigorating Jewish life in Europe. 



We welcome inquires about Sighet, interest in helping making our vision a reality, genealogy search, roots journey, Jewish tour guides etc.

If your inquiry is about the Sighet 500 years old cemetery please visit

www.sighet.org or send an email to Mr. Ezra Berger at sighet3@gmail

President: Peninah Zilberman

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registered Charity No:CIF33779862